Our mission consists in delivering your sentimental legacy beyond time. We wish to become the world’s best time capsule for emotions.

”CHRISUP” is an affordable, customer-oriented service, founded on high values and committed to excellence.

We are determined to be the guard keepers of your most precious gifts for your loved ones and mail them to their intended beneficiary at the indicated date.

”CHRISUP” will be your voice after time: no matter what happens over the years, we will make sure that your customized gifts will reach its destination.

Love. Joy. Surprise. Excellency. Respect.

Love is the essential highly uphold value which constitutes the foundation of our company. We set up our services on the idea that what we do for our beloved ones will matter in the future.

We hope that every gift or letter that you will send to the future through our service will make someone extremely happy and also grateful for the joy of receiving such a fantastic present.

The element of surprise is another crucial component we care for deeply. We know just how much emotion a pleasant surprise can bring to people’s lives!

We are committed to providing excellent storage and delivery services to make sure that your customized gift will reach its destination.

”CHRISUP” will respect your choices, wishes, and requests. We will make every delivery our priority when its time comes.

Through our service, your Customized Gift becomes a symbol of your existence and a statement for your emotions.
Time, the biggest challenge for one’s existence, is thus overcome as your actions are not limited to the present, but expand to the future.
We take the responsibility of being the custodians of your treasured customized gifts for the future in all seriousness.

We stand for innovation and use of technology for the benefit of all people.

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